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Paper. Cut.

After years of living in a hell that was created for you, your mother drinks, your father neglect you, your friends don't listen, you can never express what's really wrong. You long to prove to the world some day that you are more than every one thinks, more than some old used bloodied tampon that they take you as....

You get that one boyfriend. Girlfriend. Lover. Soulmate.

And they supposedly love you and they teach you the way, they kiss you and touch you and it could be wrong but it feels so right, and for once you think you've finally caught that fallen star....

But after five or so weeks you invite thm over and the refuse two offers. They say they have to work and you're not really sure that's up. Their friends hate you so you can't ask them. You call all the time and they don't answer their cell phone. You leave messages on their voice mail but never call you back.

And you want to know what's wrong, and for some reason its nagging at the back of your head that you fucked it up once again.

And you really are this no-good failure.
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just wait till youare with someone for 3 years and dedicate your life to them and they shit on you when you need them most. Then you find out they are cheating on you and you really never meant anything to them. Love seems so hard to find when you are the one that does all the loving. To many people out there dont know what the meaning of it is. Seems that those that need it the most in their lives never find it. Kinda like one of those games god plays to teach us a valueable lesson we need to learn. Most just do to many drugs or drink to much to figure it out. Others (like myself) sit in a puddle of my own misery hating the world hoping someone might pay attention long enough to actually care about me before I pull the trigger. So maybe I might actually be missed.....My suggestion to you. Don't fret over us pathic males. Most of us just want to get laid and don't know what it means to sacrifice part of ourselves for someone else. And the other half of us are to stupid to tie our own shoes. Take a long good look and find who you are and what you want before you let some guy tell you he loves you. There is plenty of time to realize loves sucks but also the greatest feeling in the world. Hope my ranting didnt put you to sleep.