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your fluttering lashes no longer phase me...

hello all. i happened to come across this community and thought that maybe someone could help.

what am i to do when ive lost the desire to form relationships with people for fear that i will lose them?

someone please help.
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I would say not to get into any relationships until this fear fades. If you are in a relationship with someone and always afraid they will leave you you might start to sabotage things without even realizing it. Or not, but it still will not be a healthy relationship.

You should try to focus on yourself for now until you can build more faith in people or until someone really special comes along who can make you feel safe. It's hard, I know, I often have that same fear and it makes me absolutely irrational. Just try to think rationally. Easier said than done, I know.

Does this fear extend to friendships too?
no. not to friendships. i have many healty and long time friendships with males and females alike.
That's good! You're very lucky. Good friends are hard to find.