Brett (chiefbt) wrote in mind_cancer,

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seven years of numb

I used to think it mattered, the social status quo. Then I realized that my social status is below quo. Friends leave and hurt the things that are not said. Then the voices come and I have wound up dead...
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March 12 2005, 05:05:23 UTC 15 years ago

Ohhh Brett, it saddens me so deeply to hear that you have no friends. The other day I went to your house and I saw your face and I felt a sensation that I've never experienced before,I felt like I had some vaginal leakage, but that kind of thing is natural, my dear, for you see thats what a young stud like yourself does to a women of my age. Be well my love. I'll be calling your Mum soon darling. Maybe I'll stop in for a peak at your face, your beautiful face, I always think about you everyday, I hope you're doing well.

Love you bunt cake ;)